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Fotografia Narzędzia
Desenvolvedor: weiwei zhang
4.99 USD

Imagination and creation, Painter makes painting much easier and full of joy. With all the simple and effective painting tools, Painter offers you the most comfort and enjoyable painting experience on Mac. Draw the beauty in your life with Painter and paint your own fantastic image. Creativity is limitless, just paint beyond the boundaries and make your image much more fantastic with Painter!


☆Essential basic painting functions, such as pencil, eraser, brush, color bucket and so on. Painter meets your standard and primary painting needs in an effective way.

☆Easily save your image as PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF formats.

☆Any scale of magnification is available by clicking the magnifier icon. With Painter, you can view the image in a very detailed way.

☆You may also draw perfectly straight horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines with the pencil tool. You can also draw freeform line, curved line as you need.

☆Color Bomb makes it quite simply to change the color of entire image or clear the canvas or in no time.

☆Easily change foreground color or background color by clicking “Fill With Color” icon.

☆Make delicate amendments by clicking the “Zoom In” tab under the View menu.

☆Paint and edit with gridlines to make fine adjustments with color. You can easily make fine changes to the design and color of an image.

☆In the Toolbox, click Rectangle to create a square-cornered shape, click Rounded Rectangle to create a round-cornered shape or click Ellipse to draw the ellipse or circle.

☆Painter provides you with powerful text processing function; freely choose your own fonts, color, and style. You can also adjust your text format with Kern, Ligature and Baseline function.

☆Special character meets your advanced typing needs.

☆Painter offers various Color Palettes, including Web Safe Colors, Crayons, Developer and Apple modes. Easily adjust and change image colors.

☆Support Gray Scale Slider, RGB/CMYK/HSB Sliders adjustment. Make your image much more bright and brilliant.